SIBS Analytics is a Portal of Consumer Indicators which shows, in an aggregated and organised way, the data transacted by SIBS, within the multiplicity of channels managed by the company. In this Portal, you can see consumer indicators (in number and value), electronic and cash payment transactions, segmented by sectors of activity and geography. You can also obtain consumer characteristics (Portuguese consumers and foreign consumers in Portugal), by groups of consumers. These indicators can be viewed in the form of tables and graphics, or in infographic format.

Those entities that wish to know more detailed or in-depth data may contact SIBS, using the form available in the Portal.

The information provided in the Portal, as well as data processing, ensures statistical representativeness, never allowing any information or data on individuals or companies, nor the identifiability of personal data.

Sectors of Economic Activity

The sectors of economic activities displayed in SIBS Analytics Portal correspond to a sector classification based on the Portuguese Standard Industrial Code (CAE – Classificação Portuguesa de Atividades Económicas) assigned to the Merchants registered in SIBS system.

Sectors of Economic Activity are grouped as follows:

Specialised Retail Trade
– Technology, Culture and Leisure: appliances, electronics, books, etc.
– Decor and Home Equipment
– Clothing, footwear and accessories
– Vehicles and related parts and accessories: buses, vans, cars, motorbikes, etc.
– Building materials and do-it-yourself supplies: hardware, paints and varnishes, textiles, tiles, etc.
– Games, toys and childcare articles
– Sports, recreation and leisure supplies
– Pharmacies and drug stores
– Traditional trade: butchers, fish markets, breweries, etc.
– Beauty Products, Cosmetics and Perfumes
– Petrol stations
– Other Retailers

Non-Specialised Retail Trade
– Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
– Grocery Stores, Mini Markets and Similar
– Non-Specialised Retail Trade

Wholesale Trade
– Raw Materials: fuels and derivatives, ironmongery, wood, ores, etc.
– Consumer Goods: food, beverages, tobacco, etc.
– Wholesale Trade Agents
– Agricultural Raw Materials and Live Animals
– Information and Communication Equipment: computers, peripherals, software, etc.
– Machinery, Equipment and Supplies: cranes, tractors, agricultural machinery, etc.
– Wholesale Trade

– Hotels, local accommodation and similar lodging places
– Education and training: mainstream schools, private schools, driving schools, etc.
– Insurance and financial services
– Real estate services, building and architecture
– Culture, travel, entertainment and leisure: casinos and gambling, travel agencies, theater, concerts, etc.
– Press, media and advertising: production of video and television programs, edition of books, newspapers, etc.
– Restaurants, bars, cafes, catering services and similar establishments
– Hospital, clinical and health care services
– Passenger transportation and car rental
– Telecommunications and utilities
– Social assistance and support: nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, etc.
– Public administration services: tax offices, courts, social security, etc.
– Information technology services: consulting and computer programming, equipment repair, etc.
– Other Services

Production and Industry
– Agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry and fishing
– Mining and Quarrying
– Manufacturing

Operation Types

The operations displayed in the “Consumption Indicators” section are:

– Cash operations: including withdrawals and cash deposits
– Electronic payment operations: including on-site purchases, bill payments, mobile top-ups, payments to government, public transport ticket loading, and others
– All operations: includes cash operations and electronic payment operations

Consumption Group Types

Under the “Consumer Characteristics” section, the consumption groups are categorised as follows:

– High consumption: corresponds to 25% of the consumers with greater consumption, at national level
– High-Medium consumption: corresponds to the percentage between 25% and 50% of the consumers with greater consumption, at national level
– Medium consumption: corresponds to the percentage between 25% and 50% of the consumers with lower consumption, at national level
– Low consumption: corresponds to 25% of the consumers with lower consumption, at national level

Visit Length

Under the “Consumer Characteristics” section, concerning the consumption of the foreigners visiting Portugal, the visit length information is grouped as follows:

– short length visits: foreign visitors with registered consumption from 1 to 7 days
– average length visits: foreign visitors with registered consumption from 8 to 15 days
– long length visits: foreign visitors with registered consumption from 16 to 31 days
– many visits or residents: foreign visitors with registered consumption during 32 days or more

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