Consumption on Black Friday increases 12% compared to 2022

In order to contribute to the identification of changes in the consumption habits of the Portuguese, in specific periods such as Black Friday, SIBS publishes a set of indicators and aggregated data in infographic format, in a clear and factual way, and with comparisons with previous periods.

As you can see in the attached infographic, and based on data from SIBS Analytics, online commerce and MB WAY payments continue to gain weight in purchases in Portugal. Shopping on Black Friday 2023 increased by 12% (vs Black Friday 2022) and 14% on Black Week (vs Black Week 2022).

On Black Friday 2023, more than a fifth (24%) of the amount spent by Portuguese people was on online purchases. A weight that exceeds the value of online purchases recorded last year by 2 pp.

In line with this growth in online commerce, MB WAY continues to gain prominence and increasingly become one of the preferred payment methods in Portugal. On Black Friday this year, there was a growth of 63% compared to 2022.

Also, with regard to physical purchases, there has been a 68% increase in the use of MB WAY as a payment method, compared to last year. The use of MB WAY thus maintains the growth trend due to its convenience, simplicity and safety.

With regard to the average value of purchases, there is a decrease of 4% compared to the same period last year, going from 40.4 euros (in 2022) to 39 euros (in 2023). Despite the decrease in the average purchase ticket, there continues to be an increase in the amount spent in this period compared to the remaining month of November 2023 (+14%).

In recent years, consumers have been dispersing their purchasing decisions over the various days of Black Week (between November 20th and 25th), following commercial campaigns related to this period. In this context, during Black Week, there was a 14% increase in the value of total purchases compared to 2022. In line with this evolution, the variation in euros of total purchases on Black Friday also registered an increase of 12% compared to 2022.

Regarding the types of products and services purchased on Black Friday, the biggest growth continues to be seen in the categories of “Fashion and Accessories” (+167% compared to the daily average for the month of November), “Beauty Cosmetics and Perfumes” (+ 143%), “Sports and Recreational Material” (+85%).