In order to clarify the new Coronavirus’ (COVID-19) impact on the economy and society in general, SIBS resumes the analysis on the evolution of consumption data in Portugal.

As we can see in the infographic, e-commerce is still the indicator which stands out as the greater consumption-booster, in this second general confinement in Portugal. Under more restrictive measures in place to control the pandemic, the Portuguese have privileged this channel to make their purchases, which continues to grow. From January 15 to February 28 there was a 46% increase in online shopping, compared to the same period last year. E-commerce already represents 18% of total electronic purchases, a number that nearly doubled, compared to the pre-pandemic period.

In this context, MB WAY is again one of the most used payment methods, growing 3.8x in this channel, compared to the same period last year. It is to be noted that this growth has been continuous, which proves that MB WAY is the preferred mobile payment service of more and more Portuguese consumers and companies.

For more details on the Consumer Indicators, see infographics attached.